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May 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
a stand. the naacp said this supports same-sex marriage in the united states. >> civil marriage must be provided equally to all. >> reporter: naacp president benjamin jealous said it's about protecting every american from discrimination, plain and simple. of the six states including maryland that recognize the same-sex marriage more than 30 have laws that jealous says discriminate. he said this wasn't too long ago that there were laws preventing interracial marriage. he talked about his parents' own marriage in 1966 which was illegal in many states. >> had to return to baltimore,ed the perception -- and the perception was mistaken for a funeral procession. there were cars with headlights on having to go from one city all the way to the next just so they could have a part after they got married. >> reporter: all the board's vote was unanimous, the board said it was not without dissent. in the end they united. >> i don't think the board was thinking about influencing the outcome in various states. i think that we were deliberating on the fact that we cannot discriminate when we're aski
May 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
was eventually released and returned to the united states. giordano lives in gaithersberg. >>> this has been a day of changing weather. not a bad way to finish out the evening. i think the you'll have a dry evening. the limited weather we do have is out here, extreme western maryland through northern virginia. i think that's where a lot of this will stay for the next several hours. you can see the skies clearing out pretty nicely. temperatures warming up with that sun coming out to near 80. we'll talk about how hot things may get by memorial day. it's coming up. >> the air-conditioning will be running. just imagine a day when the meter could tell the power company when your service is down, how much juice you're using and even when you're cutting back. that day has arrived ins form of a smart either. abc2's jeff hager has more. opponents are lining up against them. >> reporter: in the near future baltimore gas and electric said the old analog meters like this one will join rotary telephones as a thing of the past. many culls merls -- customers say they're in favor of it. >> i would like to s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2